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McDowell was awesome. The teachers are nice and they have air conditioning which is really nice to have. I really liked the art work that hung all over the school. Those kids there are insanely talented. I wish I was talented art wise. I can’t wait to have Mrs. Griffey because she is a cool teacher and she is funny. There are a couple bad things about going there, the bad things are that I am afraid that I am going to get lost on the first day, also I will have to wear a jacket all the time because it is freezing.


Dare Essay

My D.A.R.E essay is about drugs and how to stay away from drugs. D.A.R.E stands for Drugs Abuse Resistance Education. The other meaning is Define Assess Respond, and evaluate. I really like the Dare Program because it gives kids a chance to really see what drugs do to your body. Also you get to have a lot of fun during Dare.

What I have learned in D.A.R.E is about alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. Alcohol slows down the brain, and body, and marijuana causes breathing problems, and tobacco affects your bodys development.

There was one part of D.A.R.E that I enjoyed most it was Mr. Dip Lip, and smoking Suzie. Smoking Suzie I think was the best thing to do to show how tar builds up in your lungs. I also like the jar of tar, and the fake lung. I think what is most important about this class is keeping kids off drugs, and teaching them about the effects of drugs on your body.

We also learned about ways to be in charge. Things to do if someone offers you drugs. Here are some things to do to avoid the situation, strength in numbers which is hang around with nonusers. Walking away , Cold shoulder and repeated refusal. Here is an example of cold shoulder say someone comes up to you and ask you if you want to come to his house to smoke marijuana. What you would do is nothing just ignore the person maybe even walk away.

We also learned about how to help family and friends to stop smoking like telling them to get hard candy to eat or chew nicotine gum.

I am going to make a commitment to never do drugs.

What Has Made Me Successful In The Sixth Grade

What has made me successful is I never give up. If I can’t find an answer I don’t give up. If I give up than I am going to get a really bad grade and definitely don’t want that. 





What has made me successful in the sixth grade is always listening to directions and doing the things that I am supposed to do. Also not goofing off has helped me be successful. If someone needs to be more successful than what I do will really help.






My Advice

We had to do a comment on the Reading workshop. It was about our advice on what to do on the OAA. Here’s what I said-

My advice to make Mr. McGuire happy is to take the whole time. Check your spelling, make sure you use the right words, and be sure to reread your work, and make sure it makes sense. Eliminate answers that don’t make sense at all. If you are finished with your test before time is up, and you have checked it too, and you still have time just keep going over it.

What I do is I first do the whole test, and then when I am done I go back through my extended responses, and then I check my multiple choice questions. If I still have time left I check my answers again, and maybe reread the passage.

The Success Key

We had to write a comment on the reading workshop about pressing the success key and why you decided to work hard on your practice assessment. Here is what I said.

The reason I decided to press the success key is I want to graduate from school and not be in school all my life. I also want to go to college and then get a good job. I really don’t know why those two boys decided not to press the success key because they might not of passed the practice test and that will definitely bring their grade down. But maybe they don’t care about their grades, I know I do. And maybe they don’t want to be successful in life but who wouldn’t want to be successful.

Economic Facts

Ancient Egypt

  •      1. Since the pharaoh was considered a god, all things in Egypt belonged to him or her. This put the Pharaoh at the center of the economy.
    2.  Egypt’s economy was based on agriculture. Farmers produced a surplus of food, which fed the whole country.
    3. The Pharaoh took taxes on everything else made in Egypt, such as leather clothes, linen cloth, and baskets.

Ancient Rome

4. The Roman Empire had a mail system similar to America’s pony express.Every 8 miles riders would exchange their tired horses for fresh  ones.
5.  Merchants clattered along on ox drawn carts, bringing goods like wine or dried fish.
6. Rome traded dried fish with the market.
7. The cargoes might have included anything from Spanish silver to Egyptian linen.

Ancient Mesopotamia

8.Along the Mediterranean Sea, Sumerian’s traded with the Ancient seafaring people called Phoenicians.They also traded with merchants from Egypt.
9.  Other cultures began using cuneiform to write out their own languages.
10. Cuneiform writing spread through the Fertile Crescent along with trade goods.

Dear Mr. McGuire

We had to write a post on the reading workshop about things that were strange, unexpected, weird, surprising, unusual etc.  Here was what I said in my letter.

Dear Mr. McGuire,

I am reading Storm-breaker by Anthony Horowitz.  There is a lot of weird things in this book. But I can narrow it down to one really weird and odd thing.

There is a main character and his name is Alex Rider.  He was at Herod Sayle’s private office where there was a tank, and there was a giant jellyfish in the tank . And Alex was handcuffed, and locked in a room when Nadia Vole came in the room, and UN-handcuffed him, and lead him to a statue. Nadia Vole was standing by the statue when she told Alex this ”I feel dizzy. You go on. It’s the first door on the left.” When he went over to that door he saw Nadia out of the corner of his eye pulling the statues arm, and the floor below him fell throw and he went falling in to the jellyfish tank. 

Alex almost fell right on the jellyfish.  The jellyfish had no eyes so it could not see him but if Alex made any sudden movements he will attract the jellyfish over to him because of the current in the water. The tank he was in was huge, at least fifteen feet deep, and twenty or thirty feet long. The glass was further up than the water so he couldn’t climb out.  Nadia Vole was in the private office that the tank was in and she was watching everything that Alex was doing. Then Alex remembered that he had zit cream in his back pocket.

He grabbed the zit  cream in his back pocket so he could  use that on the metal because it would eat the metal away, and then the  glass would break, and then he could get free. Nadia Vole was standing there in front of the tank when the glass broke.  The water, the jellyfish, and Alex Rider went flying into  Herod Sayle’s private office. The jellyfish landed on Nadia Vole and she was stung to death.

So Alex Rider got away. But there is still more to his weird adventure.

Hannah                           Image From http://thelovelyreader.blogspot.com/2010/10/teaser-tuesday-stormbreaker.html

My Favorite Series Of Books

We had an assignment to write about our favorite series of books on the Reading Workshop. We had choices of,

Spiderwick Chronicles by DiTerlizza and Black
Shadow Children by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Maze Runner by James Dashner
Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney
39 Clues by Korman, Riordan, Lerangis, Watson and others
Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman
Francis Tucket by Gary Paulsen
Vet Volunteers by Laurie Halse Anderson
House of Dark Shadows/Dreamhouse Kings by Robert Liparulo

I picked Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman for my favorite book. I have read all of the books in the series. I like to read books in a series because if you just read the first book then you don’t know what else happens in the other books in the series.

The Skeleton Creek really keeps you guessing what happens next. I like books that are mystery and Skeleton Creek is the best book if you like mystery. Somethings in the book are things you wouldn’t expect to happen.




Letter To Mr.McGuire

Dear Mr.McGuire,

I am writing you a letter about the author in my book, and how it makes my book exciting. The book I am going to write about is Truth. By Robin Wasserman.

Robin makes you stay on edge when you read the book. She keeps you on edge because she has the characters doing dangerous things. She makes J.D (the main character) do more dangerous, and risky things than the other characters.

Another reason Robin makes the book exciting is she puts things in the book that you wouldn’t expect. Like she has the characters killing people. Like J.D was shoot by Dr. Sykes. J.D. first said ” You need me. ” and then Dr. Sykes said ”Not anymore”. Dr. Sykes was going to shoot her in the head to kill her but a girl named Mara came into the room, and knocked the gun out of Dr. Sykes hands. The gun went flying out of his hands and knocked him out. So that obviously prevented him from shooting J.D.

       Another thing is that when you end a chapter you don’t ever want to put the book down. The way Robin writes the book is she always ends chapters at a exciting part.

Hannah S.

Image from   http://dorchester-on.canadianlisted.com/books/chasing-yesterday-trilogy-robin-wasserman_319060.html

Character Inference

My book is Truth by Robin Wasserman. The character in my book is J.D, and I can make an inference that she is the kind of person that cares about her friends, and the people around her. I think that because when her friend Ilana  was hospitalized from a minor medical episode  she kept asking Dr. Mersenne where she was. Also she kept asking to see her but the usual answer was ”She’s gone”.

J.D. also cares about another character in the book, his name is David.  Her, and David have been through a lot together.

Here is what it says on the back of the book:

 Found: One girl, age 13. Unconscious. Unharmed. Unclaimed. Unidentified.

Lost: Everything.

J.D. can’t run from her past any longer. She knows the truth now: that she’s dangerous, a weapon. If she can’t learn to control her powers, there’s no telling what…or who…she’ll destroy next. To finally unlock the secrets in her mind, she will have to return to the Institute that created her. But going back won’t be easy. Almost nobody goes in–and no one ever gets out.

Image from http://www.librarything.com/work/3723052